Who are we?

We believe that teaching road safety online adds value to learning to drive.

We believe that our online training reduces the risk of accidents on the roads, reduce the stress associated with learning and at the same time promote good driving habits.

The leader in online drivers education in Quebec

Our mission is very simple: to offer you the friendliness, the quality and the best available resources in the online driving learning industry in Quebec.

Our clientele is extremely varied, ranging from the learner-driver of a passenger vehicle, to the experienced driver wishing to trade license, to the mature driver, and to the future professional driver of heavy vehicles. We also offer driving improvement programs tailored to businesses and professionals with daily, employees on the various road networks.

Our study programs were developed by road safety experts with recognized industry skills. All with the goal that our customers meet their goals and obtain services exceeding the highest standards of the industry.

Our trainings are in constant evolution. We regularly update to provide you with the resources most suited to your needs.

We are proud to be leaders in the field of online road safety education and we intend to continue it for many years to come. We know that your time is valuable, so our goal is to give you everything you need in just a few clicks.

Our philosophy is based on autonomous learning. You will learn the best way where and when it suits you best.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver wanting to refresh your knowledge, we can make you a safe, cooperative and responsible driver in less time than any other means of learning.

Welcome to Theorieenligne.com, welcome to your home.