You failed your theory exam of the SAAQ?

Theoretical exams of the SAAQ
May 24, 2018


Every year, thousands of future drivers face the SAAQ test. Some are on their first driver’s license while others want to do a license swap. This step required by the SAAQ, aims to delimit the general knowledge of the future driver with respect to the Highway Safety Code and rules of conduct. Let’s be honest, this step is in the interest of all road users to ensure their safety.

Take charge in order to pass the SAAQ test

However, the success and success of the SAAQ test is not always as easy as one might imagine. Many future licensees take the importance of this test lightly and do not always achieve the desired results. Some will say that the wording of the questions or the choice of answer are confusing. However be reassured the SAAQ has no intention of trapping anyone. The exam questions and answers were written by experts in the French language and are clearly elaborated.
We are therefore of the opinion that the failure of the SAAQ test is mainly based on the lack of preparation of the future driver. In the past, learning to drive a car was based on reading books such as The Road Guide and Driving a Passenger Vehicle. Although these manuals contain most of the material to be assimilated in order to pass the SAAQ exam, no preparatory test or questionnaire is included in these books. It becomes impossible to know your true level of knowledge before the day of the exam. This is why improves the lot of thousands of candidates each year through its questionnaires and preparatory exams.

Our SAAQ exam simulator allows you to memorize the most important aspects of the Highway Safety Code while allowing you to study in the most efficient way. You study our questionnaires at your own pace and according to your availability until you obtain a sufficient pass mark. All you need is access to the internet.

Made like thousands of our customers.

Do not be discouraged, use our online study tools and get positive results during the SAAQ theory test.
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