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Our trainings allow you access 24 hours a day. Use your PC, tablet or smartphone at the location of your choice. Study at your own pace and according to your availability. Do as many thousands of Quebecers satisfied and opt for the ease of our online training.

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  • Sammy
    Now changing my career for the trucking industry! Training was more then helpfull and very well made. I did like the fact that there is an exam simulator. It help to know where we stand knowledge wise...
  • Peter S
    Very happy about the online course. It did help me to find my weak points and also refresh my knowledge about the highway safety code. Great tool.. I recommand. Peter S.
    Peter S
  • Michel R
    I order the training late at night and receive the acces code a few minutes later. Worked well on my tablet ! Quick and reliable training.
    Michel R
  • Mark L
    I fail my SAAQ Exam twice until i decide to purchase this online training. Great way to learn fast and to secure yourself. Cheap and very acceptable.
    Mark L
  • Paul S.
    Great system, quick and reliable staff and economic. This online training is what you need to succeed the SAAQ exam. I got my class 3 temporary licence the first shot.
    Paul S.
  • Robert L.
    Who taught i would use a computer to learn! Well i did and it was fantastic. Directly on my tablet in the comfort of my living room! I paid, i receive, i got my licence! If its for me, its for you.
    Robert L.
  • Sandra L.
    I wanted my class 3 CDL for so long... I taught it would be painfull to study or needed to attend to a classroom.. No.. Basicaly this system rocks and made my life so much easier! Go and buy it. It worth it.
    Sandra L.
  • Andrew S
    The right tool! You get the acces code by email, you acces the training and you learn at your own pace. Great program. What else to say! I got my class 2!!!
    Andrew S
  • Samuel L
    Im now a bus driver and the training was more then eazy! All online, on your smart phone or computer. Its a kids game. Chapters are well devided and more then well made.  AA++
    Samuel L
  • Mabrouk
    The right way to learn is to go online and do it by yourself. Its well build and easy to use. I got my temporary licence in less then a week. Now looking for the final on the road.
  • Anthony E
    Yes this thing works and its easy to use! Less then 30 days to get my licence this is how it should be for you also!
    Anthony E
  • Adrianna L
    I needed to do the exchange at the SAAQ for my driver's licence. This tool is great and worked perfectly for me. Learn the highway safety code and all signs in less then a few hours. The  exam simulator was the perfect tool to check my knowledge before going to the SAAQ. I recommand!
    Adrianna L
  • Brigitte S
    I taught i would need to attend to long in-class driving course and in fact i didin't need it.  I just bought the training, open it on my tablet and complete the course. Less then 2 days later i was at the SAAQ and i pass the knowledge test first shot. This is a great tool.. What could i day... Buy it.. 🙂
    Brigitte S
  • Julie R
    I failed twice the SAAQ Knowledge test in order to exchange my drivers licence. I bought that training and  what a cool program. I learn at home after comming back from work and it took me less then a week to get ready. I did pass that 3rd time! Thanks to Theorienligne!
    Julie R
  • Samir
    Thanks for all the help you give me! My cousin will also use your system as soon as she arrive in Québec.  Thanks Samir.
  • Sino A
    Awesome tool, i bought it and a few minutes after i receive all my acces code and the step by step procedure. Took a few hours and i pass the SAAQ driver licence Exchange exam.
    Sino A
  • Great program in order to pass the Class 6 exam at the SAAQ. I did use more then once the included exam simulator in order to make sure i was ready and i was! Keep it up its very well made!
  • Simon L
    Yes i did pass the first shot my exam using this system and it perfect. I learn at my own pace right in my living room. No class room needed and the results are fantastic!
    Simon L
  • Sebastian W
    Yes the SAAQ exam simulator rocks! It does look like the real exam. Questions are similar and you know exactly where you stand before showing up at the SAAQ. It worth every pennies!
    Sebastian W
  • Antoine E
    Yes, it works, its reliable and its fast to get results.
    Antoine E
  • Danny R
    I got my class 3 drivers licence the first shot. You wont be dissapointed !
    Danny R

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