Young Driver’s

One of the most important steps in a teenager’s life is getting a driver’s license and we are well aware of that. The need for quality training is paramount. The quality of education is the cornerstone in understanding and assimilating the Highway Safety Code and the risks associated with driving a vehicle. Quality training also highlights the complexity of the task of driving a motor vehicle. Here are some of the benefits of self-driving learning.

1- User-friendliness

The learning of driving online is done in the comfort of his home. It is no longer necessary for a parent or caregiver to be required to take you to school and take you home. This way of doing things saves you time and money. Often having to deal with busy schedules, e-learning becomes a sensible choice for the learner thanks to the flexibility it allows. Not to mention that you can study at the place of your choice; the library, a café or any other place where internet access is available.

2- Acceptance of this method of learning by governments

For several years now, this type of learning has been authorized and recognized by many levels of government in Quebec. Access and theoretical training online are even offered by several Quebec universities. The online study of the Highway Safety Code provides access to theoretical material from home while respecting the regulations established by the Government of Quebec.

3- Decreased distractions

Students using access to the PESR online theory are unanimous in saying that it significantly reduces the level of distraction compared to the conventional classroom study. When there is a mandatory attendance framework for classroom lectures, many studies show that students experience some frustration and tend to have less interest in the subject taught and disrupt the learning process. whole class.

4-Learn at your own pace

Each person is unique when it comes to learning and assimilating new material. Some people have a facility to learn quickly while others need more time to understand and master the material. The use of the online study allows users to assimilate the material at the pace that suits them and according to their availability. It becomes possible to go back to previous chapters when you find that some of the material has not been assimilated.

5- Advantageous when you live in the region

When you live outside urban centers, it becomes more difficult to attend classroom classes for transport logistics reasons. The online study facilitates access to training, as travel is non-existent. Whether you live in one of the most remote areas of Quebec or simply because the urban transportation network does not offer all the flexibility in the evening or during the day, the online study saves you time and money. .

6- Independence

As you learn, you can count on your family and friends when you want help with studying the Code of Safety and learning about driving. However, the human being appreciates his independence. The online study avoids asking for travel assistance to attend the class driving course. You become independent, cooperative and responsible for your training and your actions. These are the very foundations of driving you develop over time.

7- Preparation for the SAAQ theoretical exam

The subject included in your online theoretical training, allows to learn and to assimilate the rules of the Code of the security, the signaling and the methods of conduct. It also allows you to understand your vehicle, its controls and the interaction it provides. The sections such as the sharing of the road and the detection of risk situations allow you to be better prepared to drive a vehicle on the road network. Beyond the fact that our courses save lives and allow you to learn how to drive a vehicle in an autonomous way, they also allow you to prepare for the SAAQ’s theoretical exams.

8- Understanding alcohol and drugs at the wheel

As you surely know, drugs and drunk driving affect your ability to drive a vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. Use increases the risk of being involved in accidents and greatly reduces your judgment and concurrency.

9- Purchase a training

There is no minimum age for acquiring theoretical online training in Quebec. However, the Société de l ‘assurance automobile du Québec does not allow for the theoretical examination until the minimum age of 16 years. We advise you to register when you are 15 years old.