SAAQ exam and driver’s license

Theoretical exams of the SAAQ
May 24, 2018


As many of you know, exam and driver’s license do not go one without the other. Here is a brief summary of the steps you can take to obtain a driver’s license in Quebec.
New learner:

Access to the SAAQ theory test

Since January 2010, every new learner must take a mandatory driving course at a driving school accredited by AQTR. The Road Safety Education Program (RSQP) is uniform across Quebec and spans a minimum of 13 months. During the apprenticeship period, the learner will have to complete a total of 24 hours of theory in class and 15 hours of driving accompanied by a driving instructor. During the learning process, the learner will have to complete two theory exams and one road test. The first theoretical exam takes place directly in the premises of the driving school and allows to obtain a learner’s license when successful. This permit is required to begin the road lessons, accompanied by a driving instructor or a guide with a driving license and sufficient driving experience, according to the criteria established by the Quebec Highway Safety Code. . The second theoretical exam can only be held 10 months after obtaining a learner’s license. This SAAQ theory test takes place on the premises of the Société de l ‘assurance automobile du Québec. It also allows to delimit the degree of knowledge of the learner driver of the Highway Code. Following the success of this second theoretical exam at the SAAQ, the learner driver will be granted the right to carry out his practical exam once he has completed the entire PESR program and has accumulated a total of 12 months of experience as a learner license holder. The practical examination of the SAAQ (on a road circuit) aims to verify the student’s know-how behind the wheel, his degree of knowledge and compliance with the rules of the Highway Safety Code.

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Driver’s license exchange in Quebec Depending on your country of origin, the SAAQ will require you to repeat certain exams. Exams can be theoretical, practical or a combination of both. The theoretical examination of the SAAQ is based on an understanding of the rules of driving and on the Highway Safety Code. As road signs and the Code differ from country to country, it is therefore essential to ensure that any future driver’s license holder has the necessary knowledge to safely operate a passenger vehicle. The test of the Highway Code is the most important job that an immigrant wishing to trade his driver’s license in Quebec will have to meet. Access to the online academic study is therefore an ideal tool to prepare for the SAAQ theory test (Code Review). Once the exam is successful, it becomes possible for the future driver to take the road test. Following the successful completion of the road test, the license exchange is completed and a Québec driver’s license issued to the holder. For any question concerning the exchange of licenses, we advise you to contact the Société de l ‘assurance automobile du Québec. Are you planning to move to Quebec soon? Get ahead by purchasing our online theory. It allows you 24/24 access anywhere in the world.

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